Helios4 Arm-Based Open Source NAS SBC For Linux/FreeBSD

Helios4 Arm-Based Open Source NAS SBC For Linux/FreeBSD

Helios4 is ARM-based open supply NAS SBC (Single-board pc) for Linux. This NAS (Network Attached Storage) comes with four SATA port and is derived with ECC reminiscence. Let us see some information about the Helios4 Arm-Based Open Source NAS SBC and ongoing Kickstarter tenting.

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What is network-attached garage (NAS)?

NAS is an acronym for Network-attached garage. A NAS server or pc can retailer and retrieve recordsdata from a centralized location in your LAN or Intranet. NAS software in most cases makes use of Ethernet-based connections and don’t have show output. NAS should not have keyboard or mouse to perform. You can organize your NAS the usage of an ssh-based software or browser-based configuration software.

NAS permits customers to percentage information the usage of usual protocols akin to NFS, CIFS, SSH, iSCSI, FTP, SSH and extra. You can flip NAS into a non-public cloud. NAS helps MS-Windows, macOS, Linux and Unix shoppers. Advanced NAS options might come with full-disk encryption and virtualization toughen.

Helios4 Arm-Based Open Source NAS SBC For Linux

Helios4 is an ARM-based software specifically designed for Network Attached Storage (NAS). The ARMADA 38x-MicroSoM from SolidRun is major SoC (machine on chip) for Helios4. Kobol claims that the specifications for Helios4 are open supply and it’s an open hardware mission.

Helios4 hardware specification
  1. CPU – Marvell Armada 388 (88F6828) ARM Cortex-A9. ARMv7 32-bit. Dual Core 1.6 Ghz.
  2. CPU characteristic – RAID acceleration engines and safety acceleration engines
  3. RAM – 2GB DDR3L ECC
  4. SATA Ports – four
  5. GbE LAN Port – 1
  6. USB ports – 2
  7. microSD (SDIO – 1
  8. GPIO – 12
  9. I2C – 1
  10. UART – 1 (by the use of onboard Micro-USB converter)
  11. SPI NOR Flash – 32Mbit onboard
  12. PWM FAN – 2
  13. DC enter – 12V / 8A
Helios4 Arm-Based Open Source NAS SBC For Linux
Helios4 SBC

Helios4 instrument specification
  1. Armbian Linux working machine
  2. Mdadm for RAID toughen on Linux
  3. OpenMediaVault Linux NAS working machine
  4. FreeBSD head
  5. U-Boot the Universal Boot Loader for SBC. You want it for each Linux and FreeBSD

Helios4 pricing

Helios4 Price
Helios4 Price
  • Full Kit (2GB RAM ECC) – USD 194.60 + VAT + Shipping
  • Basic Kit (2GB RAM ECC) – USD 176.20 + VAT + Shipping


helios4 assmbled with sbc
Overall Helios4 is a cheap and a robust energy-efficient SoC NAS. It can run each Linux and FreeBSD (head) Unix working machine. It comes with 2GB ECC ram for information coverage. It helps instrument RAID and maxes out disk toughen as much as 48TB (four x 12TB disks). The worth is aggressive too. I believe it a hackers dream machine because of open hardware and open supply instrument. You can order it on-line right here and to find additional information right here.

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